Wyckoff House Museum: The Rural Past in Modern New York

Priyanka Chaterjee, Mena Hasaballa, Vivien Lin, Ziyad Razeq (Section 03)

The Wyckoff Museum was first established in 1937 as a reminder to people of Pieter Claesen Wyckoff, his descendants, and the former house which is located in Brooklyn, New York

The Wyckoff House Museum is located in Brooklyn, New York (5816 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11203). It was originally established by Pieter Claesen who arrived from the Netherlands on March 4, 1637 as an indentured servant. After six years of labor at Rensselaerswyck (modern-day Albany, NY), Claesen acquired this farmland and established himself as the wealthiest citizen of Nieuw Amersfoort. The name Wyckoff is derived from “Wyck” and “hof” which translates to ‘town’ and ‘magistrate,’ respectively. Claesen’s family continued to own and farm the land for generations from 1737 until 1901.

This site is a long-enduring landmark of early Dutch settlement during periods of immigration. It symbolizes the rise of social status through meritocratic efforts and the early establishment of American idealism. The house also functions as a reminder of the changing landscapes and altering social configurations of the Brooklyn area over the years, demonstrating the transient transition from rural Dutch colonial farming settlements to wealthy Nineteenth century industrialism that cultivated the prominence of urban infrastructure. The Wyckoff House Museum serves as a living reminder of the struggle and impetus that was invested in establishing Dutch prominence in early America. It plunges visitors into the life of these early settlers, with its one-and-a-half acres of surrounding farmland and limited access to electricity. The original culture of colonials is preserved.

Today, the house is open to visitors as a museum. Its mission is to educate visitors about the diverse peoples of Brooklyn’s colonial farms.” (Wyckoff Farmhouse & Education Center) It is very community-oriented, hosting family day events and school trips. It is a marvelous spot for photo shoots and the backdrop for films which portrays the historical elegance of a rural lifestyle. The house and its surrounding farmlands are also open for wedding rentals.

The Wyckoff House Museum

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