The Stroopwafel

Section 2 – Emlyn, Joanna, Justin



The stroopwafel is a Dutch syrup cookie. They are circular and consist of two waffle cookie paddies held together by a delicious caramel syrup. The cookies are typically about three and a half inches in diameter, and are relatively thin. The stroopwafel cookies are scrumptious, so let’s dig in!


The stroopwafel is a Dutch waffle-like cookie. The stroopwafel is made out of two sweet waffles which are held together by a syrupy caramel filling. Stroopwafels are believed to have originated in the Dutch town of Gouda–also famous for the delicious cheese of the same name–all the way back in 1784. According to legend, an inventive local baker created the first batch of stroopwafels from leftover breadcrumbs that he proceeded to sweeten with syrup. These satisfying treats quickly caught on; by the 19th century there were nearly 100 stroopwafel bakers operating in Gouda alone!

Stroopwafels today have become a popular international snack. The story of the popularization of the stroopwafel tells the story of a more modern Dutch history, and that of a Netherlands connected with the commercial global market. Sold everywhere from the original small Dutch bakeries to large corporations, like Starbucks, the stroopwafel seems to have followed the same pattern of mass popularization like those of other European sweets. For example, cannoli’s, the popular Italian cream-filled pastries, can today be bought at both small Italian bakeries and large chain supermarkets. In addition to being found in local chain shops across the globe, United Airlines have started offering stroopwafels on their flights as tasty snacks! At this rate of popularity, stroopwafels may soon become as synonymous with the Netherlands as pasta is with Italy!

Talking to students who had embarked on spring break to Utrecht this past March, they all said something about how delicious the stroopwafels were in the Netherlands. When this group got together to discuss our final project subject, we immediately thought to research the stroopwafel. (Plus, who doesn’t love a tasty treat?!)

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